Home Gear ‘BAR FIGHT’ Trailer (Watch Here)

‘BAR FIGHT’ Trailer (Watch Here)


Filmmaker Alex D’Agostino (@alexanderthegrom) is dropping his new project ‘BAR FIGHT’ on the LINE Skis YouTube channel on October 26th.

LINE just published the trailer and you can check it out here. Ski movie season is upon us friends. Get stoked!

LINE Skis: “If big mountain skiing is so heavy why does everyone keep putting Odesza in their edits? Sometimes, battling the mountains for your line can be just like a bar fight. Full project dropping online October 26th

A film by Alex D’Agostino Skiers: Jake Hopfinger, Jonnie Merril, Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs, Filmed by: Alex D’Agostino, Caleb Ely, Fin Woods, Color: Caleb Chicoine, Supported by LINE, Sweet Protection, Cast, Bomb Snow, BCA”

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