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WATCH: Bode Miller & Andrew Wirth Discuss The Inspiration And Creation Of Peak Skis


It’s been about five months since Bode Miller announced Peak Skis, a ski company meant to change the ski world. We already know what, exactly, is different about the company’s skis, bringing the trademarked Keyhole Technology to the world. We already know how much the skis cost ($890), we already know the options they have, and we’ve already heard what they’re made to do.

With the following video, we’re able to learn a good bit more about what Peak Skis is really about. What are their motivations, how are they working as a company, and who’s really behind the creation of the skis. It’s a cool peak into the new kids on the block who claim to be planning to completely rebuild the block.

To be completely honest, I think some of this video comes off as a bit cocky for a five month old company, especially since they haven’t even been alive through an entire ski season. Obviously it’s marketing, so they’re going to try to build themselves up a bit, but some lines didn’t really land too well in my mind. It’s still worth a watch, though, as I think it does give a very cool look into the minds of the creators.

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Image Credit: Outlaw Partners on Vimeo

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