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Fat Bear Week 2022 Starts Today!


Unofficial Networks is happy to report that the official bracket for Katmai National Park’s annual ‘Fat Bear Week’ will be announced later this evening.

Explore.org will announce this year’s contestants on their Brooks Fall live chat at 7pm eastern.

For those who aren’t familiar, Katmai National Park, Alaska is a popular feeding ground for grizzly bears throughout the late-spring and summer.

Hundreds of bears gather at a feeding ground called Brooks Falls.

Explore.org has sent up webcams that capture the action at the falls 24/7. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years due to the annual ‘Fat Bear Week’ in which viewers can vote on which bear is the fattest.

The grizzlies are typically bulked up this time of year as they prepare for a long hibernation throughout the cold Alaskan winter. The images of humongous bears waddling around through the stream in October seem to go viral every year, because, well, fat bears are funny, right?

Check out the Fat Bear Week 2021 contenders and get ready for tonight’s announcement.

We’re hoping you’re all as excited as us to look at some fat bears!

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