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WATCH: Mountain Biker Rides At A Partially Abandoned Ski Area


Arrowhead Recreation Area in Claremont, New Hampshire is having its moment among the mountain biking community. I posted a hiking trip report about a month ago and saw how gnarly their mountain biking trail network is. Later in August, the ski area hosted an Enduro World Series Qualifier event. The mountain biking trails are not lift-serviced, so you have to pedal up. The downhill trails though are steep and contain some wild features.

This is demonstrated by Skills By Phil, a mountain biking Youtuber with a following of over 500,000 Youtube subscribers. In a video from this week, Phil ripped some of the steepest routes down Arrowhead and chatted with some of the people from The Wheel House, a local bike shop who have helped sculpt the biking routes.

It’s pretty cool to see this little mountain with steep slopes start to get some recognition, and gives me hope that it can grow in the coming years. Who would have thought that mountain biking was the way for Arrowhead to grow its presence among the outdoor community?

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Image/Video Credits: Skills With Phil, Ian Wood of Unofficial Networks

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