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Moment Skis Opens New Factory In Reno, Nevada


If you’re in Reno, Nevada, and are looking for a fun time tonight, you should head over to the Moment Skis Grand Opening Party. The event is to celebrate the opening of Moment Ski’s brand new factory, which opened this year. Some of the festivities will include a beer garden, food trucks, giveaways, a raffle, deals on gear, and ski movies. Proceeds raised from the event are going towards The Holland Project.

Moment Skis was founded around two decades ago, as Luke Jacobson couldn’t find skis that matched his style. He began making skis, and the company now has twenty-five full-time employees. They are now the largest ski manufacturer in the United States.

North Nevada Business Weekly reports that the need for a new headquarters arose when the old HQ on Marietta Way became overfilled with supplies. Founder and CEO Luke Jacobson explained why they decided to move to a new facility:

“With our place on Marietta, we kept expanding and growing, and every walkway around the factory was essentially a hallway – you had to dodge skis, and things were packed to the ceiling. We made it work, and we had great vendors that were able to ship us materials every two weeks, so we didn’t have to keep as much (materials) on hand.”

The new headquarters was purchased by the ski maker in 2021. The new facility is 20,000 square feet, a massive upgrade over their old 7500 square foot headquarters. Jacobson said that they needed to gut and retrofit the new building for ski manufacturing, but the end result is a stunning new facility. Shoutout to Moment Skis for making their gear in the U.S.A.!

Image Credits: Moment Skis

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