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King Charles III’s Has Been Skiing This Swiss Resort Since The 1970’s


The town of Kloster isn’t the most well-known when it comes to Switzerland ski destinations, but it’s a favorite among royalty and celebrities. The town of Kloster features Madrisa Mountain, which is connected to the numerous mountains of Davos Klosters ski resort. For King Charles III, who recently rose to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Klosters is his favorite place to shred. He first visited the mountain town in 1978 and has been a frequent visitor since.

Recently, I was watching a documentary on HBO about Princess Diana and was stoked at how much skiing footage there was. Some of this footage was from Klosters. According to The Times, one of the reasons British royalty chose the ski resort is that there is an unwritten rule that members of the paparazzi only take photos of them during official photo calls.

One of the most pivotal moments of Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage happened at Klosters as well. In March 1988, Charles was skiing with a group of five people. They went on an unmarked run off the Wang trail, and then an avalanche hit. According to Insider, while King Charles survived, one of his friends, Major Hugh Lindsay, died. One of the skiers in the group, Patricia Palmer-Tomkinson, was severely injured. Princess Diana was furious at then Prince Charles, believing that he behaved recklessly.

After the 1988 tragedy, Princess Diana refused to return to the ski resort and decided to ski elsewhere. According to royal biographer James Whitaker and journalist Christopher Wilson, who wrote the book Diana v. Charles: The Royal Blood Feud, the avalanche become “the day Diana finally hardened her heart against her husband.” I feel like that Charles-Camilla affair also factored into that hardened heart, but I digress. Charles continued to shred there, bringing his two sons, William and Harry, with him. Most recently,  Charles visited the ski resort in February. Will he return as the King of the United Kingdom? I imagine it’s in the cards.

Image Credits: Davos Klosters, Sepp Rutz of Unsplash

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