FIS Criticised for Allowing Russian & Belarus Delegations to Attend Autumn Meetings


The Norwegian Ski Federation has boycotted all meetings where the two countries are in attendance. It comes as FIS has raised the prospects of the two nations competing next season. NEW

The International Ski and Snowboard Federation is holding its annual autumn meetings in Zurich, Switzerland ahead of the approaching winter season.

The Norwegians were absent from all the opening events and it is calling on FIS to ban Russian and Belarius officials for an ‘indefinite period’.

“The Board of the Norwegian Ski Federation strongly condemn Russian participation at the FIS meetings,” said the President of the Norwegian Ski Federation, Tove Moe Dyrhaug .

“In the ongoing debate on the banning of Russian and Belarusian athletes, the Norwegian Ski Federation has, since the outbreak of the war, worked together with other nations to advance our joint positions.

“We will also work together with our partners on this matter, up until the next meeting of the FIS Council.

“The exclusion of athletes – and now hopefully also representatives – must apply as long as the brutal and meaningless war continues.”

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Norway at 2019 World Championships, Seefeld. Image © PlanetSKI

Norway at 2019 World Championships, Seefeld. Image © PlanetSKI

The Norwegians were critical of FIS at the beginning of the war as the Federation appeared slow to react to events.

Competitions in Russia were at first allowed to go ahead.

It comes as the International Ski & Snowboard Federation has raised the prospect of Russia and Belarus competing in events as early as December 2022.

The Federation’s secretary general, Michel Vion, suggested earlier this month that Russian and Belarusian athletes could return for the upcoming campaign under a neutral banner.

His comments reported by Bild newspaper, claimed the International Olympic Committee “is starting to think about opening the doors to the International Federations” allowing Russian and Belarusian participation.

“It could be quick,” the FIS secretary general added.

“Maybe it’s possible in December, then both nations – of course without a national flag and anthem – could possibly also take part in the World Championships.”

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It met with mixed reaction.

Here on PlanetsKI we will be reporting on how the issue develops.

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