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9-Passenger SnowCat For Sale on EBAY (Current Bid $12,400)


Oh man lisitngs like this get my mind racing. How freaking sick would it be to throw this badboy on a flatbed and have your own personal snowcat for lapping the backcountry with your 9 closest friends or just be neighborhood famous for plowing all the driveways around you for the sheer fun of driving this thing. Looks to be operating properly, comes with a blade…current bid $12,400. If you’d like to throw a bid on it before the auction ends on October 6th GO HERE:

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Up for auction is a Thiokol Spryte Snow Cat model 1201B. It is an 8-9 passenger with a 6 way blade. Would be great for a cat ski operation.
The cat carries the driver and passenger in the front, 3 passengers in the back seat,  and 4 passengers in the man cab. Could possibly get 4 passengers across the back seat.
We recently picked up this cat in a package deal and have no use for this machine.
Don’t know a ton about these particular machines or this machine’s personal history. I do know that the machine was at once a Washington State Patrol cat. The previous owner had a tow business and I assumed he used it for recoveries. He did say that it had been sitting for a few years without operating. It does seem to run, drive, and operate like it should. But with it sitting for a length of time, it would probably be a good a good idea to just look it over and do a simple inspection and tune up. With not knowing a lot about the machine, I tried to get as many pictures and video to let people see for themselves and give them the best idea of the actual condition of the machine. 

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