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Swiss Government Agrees To Spend Billions To Save Glaciers


The Swiss Government recently agreed to a climate change spending package made by the ‘The Glacier Initiative‘. The new package will give billions of dollars to climate action, according to Swiss Info.

The deal is intended to push Switzerland towards reaching their goals as set by the Paris Climate Agreement, and to strengthen the country’s energy security as a response to The Ukrainian War.

Here’s what the money will be spent on:

Swiss Info: “The money will be spent on subsidizing a network of Alpine photovoltaic plants, the replacement of fossil fuel heating systems with sustainable alternatives and the renovation of buildings.”

The Glacier Initiative Committee was pleased with the result. They said the plan is written so that: effective and rapid climate protection can be realised in Switzerland”

You can read the full article from Swiss Info here.

^Aletsch Glacier, Credit: Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

Good on the government to Switzerland to invest money in real climate change initiatives. Every country, especially The United States, should be investing heavily in climate change action.

Will it be enough to actually save Switzerland’s glaciers? Here’s hoping.

I just absolutely hate seeing videos like the one below every single week on my television. It’s so sad. Let’s make it stop. Please?

Vide by The Today Show on Switzerland’s rapidly-melting glaciers:

[embedded content]

Featured Image Credit: Pascal Mauerhofer on Unsplash

Header Image Credit: Chris Henry on Unsplash 

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