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Germany Loses Glacier To Extreme Heat


^The North Schneeferner (right), remnants of The South Schneeferner (left)

Germany has sadly lost 1 of its 5 glaciers. Lost? How does one lose a glacier? You might ask. Let me explain.

According to PHYS.org, Scientists have stripped The Southern Schneeferner of its title as a glacier. Rapid melting caused by warming temps, and extreme heat this summer, has withered the former glacier to just an average of 6 feet thick.

They believe that the ice won’t slide downhill anymore, and therefore is no longer a glacier. The remaining ice will most likely melt completely over the next 1-2 years.

You can read the full article by PHYS.org here

Wow. Not the best news when you hear that a glacier is shrunk to a point where you can’t even call it a glacier anymore… Not the best news at all.

What do you even call a hunk of ice that’s no longer big enough to be considered a glacier? Is it just ice now?

Glaciers are literally melting away before our eyes like it’s a common thing. It sucks.

Here’s hoping climate action like the new spending package signed by the Swiss government will help to curb this crisis.

Featured Image Credit: The Schneeferner, By Gerdt, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

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