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CHICKEN SEDAN By LINE Skis Review (Watch Here)


Fall isn’t as fun as winter, but at least we get a flurry of new skiing movies, short films, and trailers. It’s a satisfactory way to scratch my itch for skiing.

I was pleased to see earlier this afternoon that LINE Skis published a short film titled, ‘CHICKEN SEDAN- LINE Spring Break’ to their YouTube page.

So, I poured a mid-afternoon cup of coffee, picked out a snack with way too many calories, let my dog outside, hit play, and gave it a watch.

Check out my review below after you watch ‘CHICKEN SEDAN- LINE SPRING BREAK’.

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LINE Skis– “Ya know why they call it a chicken coop and not a chicken sedan? Yeah, we don’t know either. But we do know that you should watch the newest team cut that we just put out for your viewing pleasure.

Last spring, we (the desk jockeys stationed in Seattle, WA) traveled over the pond to Crans Montana, Switzerland with 10+ of LINE’s North American athletes to meet up with 10+ of LINE’s European athletes. What came of it was one of the best team shoots in the history of our brand.

Crack a cold one, kick back, and watch 11 minutes of our North American and European teams hot lapping Alaia Parks in Crans Montana in Chicken Sedan.”

I’d like to start this short review by cutting right to the chase and wishing a very-well-done-and-a-tip-of-the-cap to the people behind the scenes at LINE. I see you. I know what you’re up to. Let me explain for those of you that aren’t following.

LINE has a certain reputation, right? We all think of LINE as the brand for park rats and wanna-be park rats. Well, at least I do.

With that being said, I know LINE sells great freeride and all-mountain skis. In fact, I had a pair of LINE Prophet 90s close to a decade ago that were fricken’ awesome all over the mountain, but I digress…



^Photo Credit: ruedi flück/ LINE Skis

The point I’m trying to make is that the marketing folks over at K2 and LINE are doing an excellent job of establishing their target demographic, and keeping them engaged.

You can see it in the way park kids mimic their favorite LINE athlete’s style on the mountain, to their matching skis.

CHICKEN SEDAN was an excellent part of that strategy.

The movie was, well, awesome. Seriously, I absolutely loved it, but that’s probably because I’m a 26-year-old who wishes he was younger and more agile like he was when he was 17. Our younger audience might not understand that entirely, but they will. They will.



^Credit: LINE Skis

I like seeing the older dudes like Will Wesson and Andy Parry still skiing better than the up-and-coming young guns. They give me hope.

The editing was crisp, the music was killer, and overall vibe was very enjoyable. I will absolutely watch CHICKEN SALAD again.

I’m also thinking about purchasing a pair of LINE Sakanas after watching the pros throw monster tricks on them. That was siiiiiiick.

Who would have thunk that pros would be riding fish-tail skis in the park and making it look so damn cool?!

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