FIS Suggests Russian Athletes May Return to Competition this Season


The International Ski and Snowboard Federation Council is to discuss the participation of Russian and Belarus athletes next month. NEW

It is reported that the FIS Secretary General, Michel Vion, has suggested the athletes could return to FIS competitions in December.

Vion, in comments reported by Bild newspaper, claimed the International Olympic Committee “is starting to think about opening the doors to the International Federations” allowing Russian and Belarusian participation.

“It could be quick,” the FIS secretary general added.

“Maybe it’s possible in December, then both nations – of course without a national flag and anthem – could possibly also take part in the World Championships.”

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FIS was criticised for its slow response when Russia invaded Ukraine.

Allowing their return to competition would likely come up with strong opposition if there is no resolution to the current conflict.

Russian and Belarusian athletes are currently banned outright from FIS competitions, in accordance with IOC advice.

In a separate development the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, has said that the country’s athletes should be honoured to fight in Ukraine.

The issue was reported by Russian state-run news agency TASS, at the ROC meeting in Moscow.

“From the point of view of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), we, being citizens of the country, consider service to the motherland is an honourable duty and an honourable duty of every citizen, including members of national teams,” said Pozdnyakov.

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