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VIDEO: Simple Explanation of How Snowmaking Works


Have you ever heard the expression…explain it to me like I’m five? Like tell me how it works in the simplest of terms. Drop the pretenses, withhold the jargon, and give me answer a child could understand. Here’s an excerpt from the Killington Download Podcast snowmaking manager Greg Gleason shooting you straight on process. Can’t wait till temps drop and they can start blowing. FULL EPISODE HERE:


On the season finale of the Killington Download Podcast we talk to Greg Gleason, Killington Snowmaking Manager. He reveals what it takes to make the snow that allows those early-season turns on Rime. We also get the lowdown on all types of different snow guns, why the snowmaking pipe is always on the skier’s left side of the trails, and Greg’s favorite trail to make snow on (it might surprise you). Then Mike Solimano, President and General Manager of Killington and Pico Resorts, comes on the podcast. We get a status update on the new K-1 Lodge, and he shares some insider knowledge on other subtle changes to the mountain for the upcoming season.

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