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How Dirtbag Climbers Got Rich Recovering Bags Of Weed From Plane Crash


A Colombian plane, stocked with hundreds of pounds of weed, crashed in Lower Merced Pass Lake within Yosemite National Park, California back in 1977. The crash went unreported as the plane was attempting to fly under the radar due it’s nefarious cargo.

The lake is fairly remote, but Yosemite’s dirtbag climbers noticed the nose of a plane poking through the ice. They dove into the lake to explore the wreckage, and ended up finding hundreds of pounds of Colombian weed.

The climbers packed out what they could and turned insane profits by selling the weed on the market. It became a gold rush of sorts. Insane, right?

Check out this quick video from Reel Rock about the real story.

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Reel RockIn 1977, Yosemite climbers discovered a drug smuggling plane crashed in a frozen lake. Beneath the ice were hundreds of bales of Colombian weed! A gold rush ensued, the climbers got rich, and they made the iconic “I Got Mine” T-Shirt. Now we’re reviving this classic design in a limited-edition collab with our friends at Jungmaven. Get yours here: https://reelrocktour.com/collections/…

A portion of each purchase will go to the YCA (Yosemite Climbers Association), the non-profit responsible for Yosemite’s annual Facelift event and the new Yosemite Climbing Museum. This story is an excerpt from our award-winning feature documentary Valley Uprising. “I Got Mine” Hemp Blend T: https://reelrocktour.com/collections/…

Valley Uprising: https://reelrocktour.com/collections/…

YCA: https://www.yosemiteclimbing.org/

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