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WATCH: Jimmy Petterson, The Last Great Ski Bum


I’m pretty certain that a majority of our readers have done some pretty cool things with their life, whether through skiing, climbing, hiking, running, or just generally being dope. BUT, I doubt any of our readers have had quite as cool of a life as skier and author Jimmy Petterson. He’s been to more than 70 countries and skied at more than 500 resorts, all while publishing stories and books relating to his adventures. Also, according to him, his mother was the first certified ski teacher in California, so that’s pretty neat.

JIMMY – the last of the great ski bums‘ allows the man himself to talk about his adventures and life stories, all while giving us viewers some pretty sweet ski clips. Shot in Austria along side four gentlemen from Sweden, this short video is just all around gorgeous. I highly recommend you take eight minutes out of your day and give it a good watch.

(I’m not quite a film maker, but if I were, this is the quality of stuff I would dream to make)

[embedded content]

Image Credit: Axel Emanuelsson on YouTube

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