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Ski In Your Own Home For The Low Price Of $30,000


Don’t you just hate the off-season? From around May through November, all us skiers have to sit around and wait for snow to hit the ground. It’s just so incredibly boring. Sure, you could go outside and enjoy the summer weather, but do any of you really want to do that? I know I don’t. Plus, when the snow finally hits the ground and the lifts start running, my legs are never ready for my skis (I’m not going to go into details surrounding my off-season training. Just don’t think or ask about it).

So what if I were to say there was a way to continue skiing during the off-season? No, I’m not talking about indoor ski hills (there are too few of those and they aren’t very well spread out across the country) and I’m not talking about those goofy roller skis (A) those are clearly designed for cross-country skiers, not downhill and B) come on man, those things are wayyyyyyyy too goofy, don’t tell me you’d actually consider using them!).

Instead, I’m talking about an indoor skiing simulator. That’s right, you can ski inside, looking at a television screen, for only $30,000! Produced by SkyTechSport, these ski/snowboard simulators come in 3 separate types. There are compact solutions, which, as I said, start at around $30,000, the commercial solutions, starting at around $49,000, and the professional solutions, starting at an easy $79,800. The company also has a robotic punching bag, in case anyone is interested.

Obviously this is not a true option for skiing in the off season. The price alone is pretty darn immense and, on top of that, you actually need to figure out where to put it in your house. If you live in a place anything like my house, you won’t have the room. It is, however, a pretty darn neat concept, and when it comes to professional skiers and snowboarders, it seems like a pretty cool training option. Or, if you’re one of our more high class readers, maybe this is actually a viable option, and in that case, good for you! Get this stuff, set it up, and invite me over to give it a try.

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Image Credit: SkyTechSport on YouTube

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