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Hiker In Flip-Flops Thankful To Be Alive After Falling 30+ Feet At Bridal Veil Falls


Justin Hill is thankful to have survived a 30+ foot fall while climbing Bridal Veil Falls with flip-flops. KSL reports Justin had been to the area in Provo Canyon many times but decided to just a bit further on September 8th. He easily made up a small rock face but when it was time to leave the down climb proved much more difficult.  He lost his purchase and fell an estimated 30 to 40 feet before crashing onto his back, with part of his body on the edge of another drop.

“The only thing that stopped me from falling another 100 to 150 feet — people were telling me — was this little tree.”

He was in agonizing pain but was able to slowly push away from the edge and dial 911.  Justin spent an hour and a half on that ledge before a helicopter airlifted him to safety.  All told, he spent a week in the hospital and left with two rods and six screws in his back.

As for his choice in footwear while exploring the mountains, Justin had this say:

“Definitely learned my lesson not to hike in flip-flops.”

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