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WATCH: ‘UNHINGED’, Kaos Seagrave’s First Athlete Edit


Kaos Seagrave is not a massive name in mountain biking, at least not yet, but he seems to be building his way up. At this point, he’s only podiumed 3 times at World Cup competitions since he began competing in 2016, and he’s only 23.

So if he’s not that massive, why are we talking about him? Because his first athlete edit with Red Bull dropped a few days ago, and I think it’s worth highlighting.

The edit strongly shows off his skills in both downhill and freeride, making it clear that he his not, and will not be, limited to one event. On top of that, we get a decent look at his actual personality, which I always value in athlete edits. Plus, the video is pretty darn gnarly, so, like, that’s pretty dope.

“The first athlete edit instalment from the freeride and downhill powerhouse that is Kaos Seagrave. Unhinged was created, designed, constructed, led and activated by Kaos and his team and set in the stunning Welsh hills that are home to Kaos. A short film that defines Kaos’ character both on and off the bike and delivers in true Kaos style and flair that is always notoriously dripping in steeze! Enjoy.” Red Bull Bike

Cheers to the awesome edit Kaos. I’m stoked to see more from you and to see where your career takes you in the future.

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Image Credit: Red Bull Bike on YouTube

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