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Wildfire At Utah Ski Resort Could Have Been Arson


Nordic Valley in Eden, Utah is in the midst of a busy off-season, which has included sculpting new glades and building a beer bar in their old ski patrol room. Unfortunately, a brush fire nearly derailed everything. Last Thursday night, a brush fire was detected by a Powder Mountain employee who was passing by, who then alerted Nordic Valley’s head lift mechanic. The Nordic Valley crew was luckily located nearby, and it was extinguished quickly.

The fire marshal has yet to determine a cause, but it’s currently being investigated for arson. After the fire was extinguished, another fire was found by a road flare further up Nordic Valley Road. Here’s what Abbey Scott, Marketing and Sales Manager of Nordic Valley, said about the fire:

“We were alerted of the fire on September 8 at 6:10pm when a Powder Mountain employee called our head lift mechanic, Skyler Jones. Skyler then called his lift maintenance crew who was camping across the street by our snowmaking pond. Rylee Landis, Hunter, and George Guana are the best of buds which is the only reason they were still in the resort vicinity camping after work. They sprang into action whipping Georges’s car to the shop and Apollo lift shack to grab fire extinguishers.

The fire was creeping closer to our propane tanks, snowmobiles, and Apollo lift. So things would have been 10x worse if these boys were not around to protect their mountain, they are our true heroes.  They successfully contained the fire while Abbee Davis called Weber Fire Department which came in about 10 minutes to finish off the fire embers with water. This whole event was done in about 10 minutes.”

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Thank god it was extinguished so early because if it continued, it would’ve meant disaster for Nordic Valley, the town of Eden, and potentially even further. If it is deemed to be arson, I hope it’s a stiff penalty for the perpetrator. Whatever your feelings are about the ski resort and what it wants to build in the future, it’s no excuse to put an entire community in danger, especially in a heightened wildfire risk period.

Image/Video Credits: Nordic Valley Ski Resort

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