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TRAILER: SciFi Snowboard Film (Robot vs Human Epic Battle For First Chair)


Not exactly sure what to make of this SciFi snowboard film about snagging the first chair of the season but if the trailer tickles your fancy you can watch the entire thing on Amazon Prime. It looks to meld a fictional storyline with an actual ribbon breaking at A-Basin but I haven’t yet had a chance to check out the film. Peep the trailer, its wild:

[embedded content]
SUMMARY: On opening day of the season in order to ride the very first chair lift you must have PinPin. While attempting to be first in line TT119, a robotic map maker, is ambushed by MoLo, a flying snow beast, that falls under the command of REDICE, a mysterious century old guardian of the PinPin. After being separated during an alien invasion of the snowboard community of Kadan, a village that is only accessible by navigating deadly avalanche chutes, TT119 attempts to locate and reunite with his purchaser, a female human snowboarder that may be on a mission of her own in the uncharted water of shadows dimension. Can TT119 discover the startling secret to obtaining the required PinPin and keep his position in line to achieve the honor of being on the chairlift before his programming forces his power source to shut down rendering him unable to function? WATCH ON AMAZON PRIME HERE

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