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Drone Locates Missing Golden Retriever Three Months After Disappearing


Losing a dog in any manner is devastating, but losing your dog in a car crash has to be one of the harder ways to have your furry friend disappear. Unfortunately for the owners of Farah the golden retriever, that’s exactly what happened 3 months ago.

This story isn’t a sad one, however, as the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office of Fremont, Colorado, explain on their Facebook page. On Sunday, September 11th, the department took part in a training mission with the goal of finding the missing dog. After launching a drone equipped with an infrared camera where Farah was last seen, the golden retriever was spotted within minutes.\

Three months after going missing, Farah has been reunited with her family and has returned home. As of now, the dog’s health and condition is unknown, but she is alive, and that’s what matters the most.

Man, I just love seeing these happy stories. I don’t own a dog right now, but I have in the past and I hopefully will in the future, and I know how important they can be to a family. Losing any pet is a miserable experience. To be reunited after three months of missing your dog has to be an incredible feeling.

Image Credit: Fremont County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook

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