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‘Animal Whisperer’ Tries To Feed Bison (Watch)


Here’s the description of the video you’re about to watch (keep scrolling to watch it embedded below):

“This is my friend Thomas trying to feed a bison that was on our dude ranch that is 15 miles from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. This bison was definitely over 10, a solitary male that has lost the right to breed, and we also believe he was hurt.

Thomas was the animal whisperer but this was definitely not the smartest thing to do. Everyone was okay, no injuries.”

Thomas is an idiot. The person who posted the video is an idiot. Everybody involved in the group who thought feeding a wild bison would be fun is an idiot. Idiots! All of them!

See for yourself:

[embedded content]

Thankfully nobody was injured, but damn were they asking for it. Mess with the fluffy cows and you’ll most likely end up in the hospital…

Pro Tip- Don’t be like Thomas.

Shake my head GIF - Conseguir el mejor gif en GIFER

Shake my head GIF - Conseguir el mejor gif en GIFER

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