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WATCH: A Deep Analysis Of Mt. Shasta’s Deadly Disaster


It’s easy to assume that guides are a great and easy way to break into any of the significant adventure based sports. Never been skiing in the backcountry? Hire a guide. Never done true outdoor rock climbing? Hire a guide. Never been deep sea fishing? Hire a guide and charter a boat. There’s no doubt that this is definitely the case. If you don’t have much experience doing something dangerous, it’s nice to have someone who does have that experience by your side showing you the ropes as you head out into the wilderness.

HOWEVER,  assuming that hiring a guide will automatically make these dangerous adventures perfectly safe is where things can go very, very wrong. Guides are people, and no matter how skilled they are, they can’t always prevent you from making a deadly mistake and they aren’t completely immune to mistakes themselves. This detailed explanation of the Mt. Shasta disaster is a great reminder of that fact.

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Image Credit: Los Angeles Times on YouTube

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