Line Travel Circus returns for season 15.1 to battle ‘The Wheel Of Death’


The gift that keeps on giving, Line Traveling Circus is back for yet another season, with creations aplenty. Season 15 is kicking off with a bang, as the gang starts off with a conquest of the Wheel of Death; a staggering creation from Ross’s brilliant engineering brain. It goes to show that you can indeed smash your noggin a few times, and still make a masterpiece or two. From technology helping those who need assistance continue to get outside, to spinning wheels of mayhem, the guy can do it all.

Brighton, Woodward, the cabin, this one is everything you want from a TC episode. We’re more than happy to see the fabled TC crew continue to keep on truckin’. Buckle up for what’s in store.

From Line: You’ve seen the crew slide the moving box and backflip the moving jump, right? But, have you ever seen the Wheel of Death? Yeah, we didn’t think so, and if you’re wondering what the Wheel of Death is, well, frankly, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

“Circle of Life, and Wheel of Death, we all live by it.” -Andy Parry

Put that one in the history books.

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