Home Gear Morons Crowd Mountain Goat For Selfies (Watch)

Morons Crowd Mountain Goat For Selfies (Watch)


Turns out that putting an HD camera in the pockets of every human on planet earth wasn’t such a great idea. People just can’t help but to put themselves in danger for the ‘perfect’ selfie with dangerous animals.

The video below, posted by @touronsofyellowstone, shows a group of tourists to Glacier National Park.

The park requires that all guests stay more than 25 yards from all wildlife, except for bears and wolves which require a distance of 100 yards. These rules are to protect visitors, and the animals themselves.

The people in the video are standing within feet of this mountain goat, and don’t move as it approaches. They just stand there with their phones in hand without a concern in the world.

What a time to be alive.

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