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WATCH: Climbers Narrowly Escape Flash Flood In Sedona


Flash floods are maybe the most terrifying natural disaster in my book. It’s absolutely remarkable how quickly an area can be overwhelmed with rushing water when it was seemingly calm and dry just moments before.

The video below is of a group of climbers hurrying down a rappel line in Sedona just literal seconds before rushing waters come pouring overhead exactly where they would have been standing prior to rappelling.

Flash floods are downright terrifying, and these climbers are extremely lucky to have made it out of harms way. Thank goodness!

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Video uploaded to YouTube by Jerry Arizona:Narrowly Escaping a Flash Flood in Sedona, Arizona #Shorts I wasn’t along for this one, but I recently went canyoneering with the guy who filmed this (c.l.e.g.g.) and another member of the party. The video speaks for itself. As a side note, I’ll be publishing a full length video of our trip to Zion where, wait for it, c.l.e.g.g. and I were in Keyhole Canyon when it started to flash. This dude apparently attracts flash floods…. Party members in this video (Instagram handles): c.l.e.g.g. moorcrofteric _laurastewart_ keganmarissa mandy_wilson_az jawx0420 Thanks for letting me use this footage, Nick.”

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