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Grade VII Equipment Launches Lightweight Climbing/Adventure Pack


To ski with a backpack, or not to ski with a backpack. That is the question…

Not that it’s a very hard one to answer. I tend to base my decision on what I think I’ll need for the day. If I intend to do some more intense side country or hike to ski sort of stuff, then I like to have my backpack with a good water bottle and some different layers. If I intend to stay near the lifts and lodges all day, then I generally place my stuff in a locker or leave it in my car and just go get it when I need it.

Whether or not you decide based on the day or have a consistent way of doing things, if you’re in the market for a new backpack for skiing, you might want to give the G7 Haul Pack a look. Created by Grade VII Equipment, a company based in the climbing capital of North America, Squamish, BC, the G7 Haul Pack is currently only available through Indiegogo, the same place where several of their previous products have been launched.

“The G7 HAUL PACK carries, climbs, and hauls without compromise. Designed for pushing the limits of what’s possible. As durable as a haul bag. As light as an alpine pack. This isn’t another pack. This is a piece of equipment.”Grade VII Equipment

The pack is available in three different sizes: 22L, 36L, and 55L. The 22 liter bag features an ice axe carry loop, 2 gear loops, a removable compression strap, and a single cut-resistant tech bungee. It weighs in at 450 grams (.99 lbs), 86 grams less than Black Diamond‘s equivalent sized bag. The 36 liter features 2 ice tool carry loops, 2 gear loops, a removable compression strap, and a cut-resistant tech bungee. Like the 22 liter bag, it weighs significantly less than a large portion of its competition. The 55 liter haul pack has the same features as the 36 liter pack.

Yes, the Haul Pack is designed for climbing, but it provides plenty of accessibility for skiers. There’s plenty of space to store gear and a helmet in many different manners across the bag, and the included bungee makes it easy to form your skis into an A-frame configuration for hiking when skinning isn’t possible. The bag features quick cinch closure system that works to both keep water out and make it much easier to actually access the inside of the bag. Oh, and the bag comes with a waterproof stuff sack, ensuring your water sensitive gear stays plenty dry.

Altogether, this looks like a darn cool pack. Its designed by the people you want designing your adventure packs, a group of big wall climbers. Also, if you’re a climber, I encourage you to check out their past products, as they’re sure to make your big wall (or small wall) adventures easier.

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Image Credit: Grade VII Climbing Equipment on Instagram

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