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Colorado Company Offers Gorgeous Railbike Rides Along The Rio Grande


Next time you find yourself in the San Luis Valley near Wolf Creek Ski Area in the summer, make your way to the South Fork Station for an opportunity to ride along the Rio Grande River on railroad tracks. Revolution Rail Co., a railbike company with locations in New Jersey, New York, and, of course, Colorado, offers two types of trips along the Rio Grande.

The first offered trip is a 6 mile roundtrip ride that takes about 2 hours. Anyone of nearly any age and ability are welcome on the ride, aside from a 300 pound weight limit. The double railbike starts at $80 and the quad railbike starts at $140

The second opportunity available with Revolution Rail Co. is the Pedals to Paddles experience, combining a 5 mile railbike ride with a 6 mile raft along the Rio Grande. Revolution Rail has partnered up with Rocky Mountain Ski & Raft for this trip, with the company providing equipment and instruction before returning to the Depot via the river. Though the rafting experience is certainly cool, it’s important to note that the section of the Rio Grande traveled does not include rapids or whitewater, so if you’re seeking a true hardcore rafting experience, this probably isn’t your place.

The Pedals to Paddles experience costs $65 a head, though it is currently closed for the season. The 6 mile railbike ride closes for the season in early October, so if this experience interests you, you’ll probably want to act fast, or be ready to wait until next summer.

I think this looks like a pretty darn cool experience! Is it the best thing for the thrill seekers or the daredevils? Absolutely not, but it’s definitely great for families and those who prefer to live life in a more leisurely fashion.

Image Credit: Revolution Rail on Instagram

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