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The Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today-‘Handy MacAskill’


Danny MacAskill might not be the “best” mountain biker in the world (whatever that means), but he’s certainly the most fun to watch.

His ability to blend technical tricks, air control, and precision landing puts his biking edits above everybody else in my opinion.

MacAskill is sponsored by Santa Cruz Bicycles, and the company has paid tribute to their star athlete with a hilarious video titled- ‘Handy MacAskill’.

You can probably see where this is going…Enjoy!

[embedded content]
Santa Cruz Bicycles: “Handy MacAskill is back for more little bike, big tricks. But this time he’s taking his fast-fingered riding beyond the garden walls and into the big, wide world. 

The 5010 is not just “the little bike” of our range. It makes even the most mundane trails feel like they’re loaded with features to hop, skip and jump over. It’s like having super-skills at your fingertips. Now our little bike goes on a wild streak with mixed wheels, Glovebox internal storage, big updates to suspension, and more!”

Remember those kids that used to play with Tech Deck boards at lunch? I used to think they were lame, but I’m starting to reconsider… Especially if finger mountain bikes become a thing.

Shit, I might need to pick up one of these little guys to fiddle around with while I’m not writing dumb blogs here at Unofficial Networks.

Hopefully my boss doesn’t read that line above. Sorry Tim and Mike. I love my job here. I just have to make fun of it from time to time. ????

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