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James Bond Snowboard Donated To Colorado Snowsports Museum In Vail


Next time you happen to be in Vail, whether it’s for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or just to visit the town, be sure to stop by the Colorado Snowsports Museum. There’s plenty of wicked cool exhibits to check out, including the Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame, an exhibit celebrating the 10th Mountain Division, and a collection of fashion and gear through 100 years of skiing.

But now, right next to the door when you immediately enter the building, a quite significant piece of snowboard history is mounted on the wall. It’s not the first snowboard and it’s not the snowboard of a significant athlete. Instead, it’s the snowboard ridden by the world’s favorite many faced secret agent in the 1985 James Bond film A View To Kill.

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Donated to the museum by the family of Tom Simms, the stunt double for Roger Moore who actually rode the snowboard in the film, the board is one of the first seen in action across the world. The film was released five years before snowboarding was even allowed at Vail Resorts and only three years after it was allowed at its first resort, Suicide Six.

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Image Credit: 9News on YouTube

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