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The Latest Developments On America’s Newest Ski Resort


“We’re making great inroads. We have great communication going with Extell and Mayflower, and the Mayflower project is something that we’re very interested in — only if it’s additive to Deer Valley.” Mark Brownlie, Chief Operating Officer of Alterra Mountain Company.

The newest ski resort in the United States is inching closer to opening day. Mayflower Mountain Resort, which is being developed by Extell Utah, will be located just outside of Park City, and will directly access Deer Valley Resort. Fifteen lifts are expected when it’s fully built out, with room for future expansion. Their opening date for skiing is projected to be in late 2024 at the earliest.

While Utah is certainly in need of another public ski resort to spread the growing crowds out, some skeptics have expressed the following concerns about the new ski resort: the low elevation, and whether climate change will completely derail its future if/when it opens. For now, construction continues, and more details continue to emerge about the massive project. Here is the news via KPCW from the past two months about Mayflower Mountain Resort.

The planned Marcella Real Estate development near the village, began selling plots of land in May.

Deer Valley/Alterra and Mayflower Nearing Lift Operator Agreement: Negotiations between the in-development Mayflower Mountain Resort and Alterra Mountain Company, which owns next-door Deer Valley Resort, are “making great inroads.” With one peak at Mayflower giving direct access to Deer Valley, it makes logical sense for them to partner with Alterra

The good news for Deer Valley’s skier-only policy is that this will remain unchanged, as Mayflower executives believe that this is a vital part of Deer Valley’s brand. Mayflower is aiming to have a portion of their ski resort available to snowboarders, although it doesn’t sound like they have any idea yet on how that would work. Gary Barnett, Extell Development Company founder and chairman said the following about snowboarders:

“This [new ski resort] gives them enough terrain that they could, you know, segment and say, ‘You know what, instead of 600 acres, we now have 1,500 skiable acres, and we can take 300 acres and make them available — certain runs for snowboarders only. That’s just my idea. I’m talking as a complete layman. The decision’s going to be theirs, for sure.”

They are hoping to reach a deal with a ski lift operator, which will likely be Alterra, by the end of this year.

Mayflower Unveils Some Of Their Ski Trails: Extell Utah unveiled some of the proposed trails to the Wasatch County Council last month. The proposals only consisted of around 2% of their expected buildout of 4300 skiable acres and fifty miles of hiking/biking trails, as they presented the plans for fourteen skiing trails and eleven hiking/biking trails. The ski runs proposed are described as north-facing expert runs.

Brooke Hontz, the Assistant Vice President of Development for Extell Utah, said the following about the new trails:

“I’m hoping that it’s a benefit. Now, we’re putting a connected trail through private property, which you weren’t supposed to be on before, that we’re allowing public, free access to, to get through not only the thousands of acres of trails that we’re going to have trails on — the 50 miles minimum of trails — but now you can cross through this property and actually enjoy it.”

On August 24th, Jessica Wade, a Field Manager for the Bureau of Land Management, approved the proposals, but there are still many more trails that will need to be approved to get this project completed.

Housing Units Opening in November: The first part of the resort that’s opening is a housing project that’s set at one of the future bases of the ski resort. While they were aiming to get two of the housing buildings open in September, that estimated date has been moved to November at the earliest. When completed, the complex will have four hundred units, seventeen of which will be affordable housing.

Brooke Hontz said the following about the affordable housing plans:

“The 17 first actual units, minimum, are provided within Pioche Village Apartments. That’s one type of built product that will be available to folks that qualify under the affordable parameters in the not-for-profit. However, there will be other types — possibly dorm, and then also other built products — for seasonal employees, but also management and family type of employees that we also see that are in need in the region.”

In terms of how the construction process is going,  Real Estate agent Sheila Hall captured this great drone footage of the future Mayflower Village base area back in August. We here at Unofficial Networks will keep you posted about the latest developments for the Mayflower Mountain Resort.

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Image/Video Credits: Ben Lasseter/KPCW(Featured Image), Extell Utah, Marcella at Mayflower, Sheila Hall

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