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WATCH: National Geographic’s “Edge Of The Unknown With Jimmy Chin” Trailer


A few weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on the HBO & TGR show Edge of the Earth. It was great, and I still highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen it should give it a watch. It brought several wicked cool accomplishments and sports to the mainstream.

It seems, however, that show might have some competition in the coming weeks, as National Geographic is set to release their new show, Edge of the Unknown, on September 5th. What is Edge of the Unknown? It’s a ten part series that is going to attempt to show the common world inside the minds of the world’s greatest adventurers. Does it look quite similar to Edge of the Earth? Honestly, yes. Do I care? Hell no. Hopefully it’s just more dope content of skiers, climbers, surfers, and much, much more for me to binge watch in a weekend.

Also, the whole show is with Jimmy Chin, and I, personally, tend to like his stuff.

“For the world’s top adventure athletes, the line between triumph and tragedy is razor thin. In the pivotal moments when life hangs in the balance, what drives the greatest to continue pushing to redefine what is humanly possible? From Academy Award®-Winning executive producers E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, EDGE OF THE UNKNOWN is an epic 10-part series that takes audiences inside the minds of pioneering adventure athletes as they recount the most consequential moments of their lives on their journey to perfect the mastery of their craft.” National Geographic

Edge of the Unknown releases to Disney+ on September 5th

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Image Credit: National Geographic via YouTube

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