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The Elk Rut Has Begun, Watch ‘Elk vs. Tourists’ Greatest Hits Here


The elk rut is one of the most dangerous seasons in places like Yellowstone National Park and Estes Park, CO.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be dangerous, but for some reason, tourists ignore all warning signs and try to approach big bull elk while aggressive hormones are coursing through their veins.


For those of you that don’t know, the rut is the annual mating season for elk. It typically takes place from mid-to-late August through the middle of October.

Bull elk (males) bugle and display their racks to attract a harem of cows (females). They then protect their harem from other bulls so that they can eventually mate with them.

Stupid Sightseer Takes Photos As Elk Warns Him (Watch)

Stupid Sightseer Takes Photos As Elk Warns Him (Watch)

Bulls get extremely aggressive and have been known to charge after tourists, ram their antlers into vehicles, and cause all types of havoc for those that don’t heed their warning.

I thought to myself this morning, “What better way to celebrate the start of the elk rut than by making fun of stupid tourists who have learned the hard way to not mess with elk this time of year?”

So, without further ado, I present the greatest hits of stupid tourists who got waaaaay too close to elk during the rut, and paid the price for it. Enjoy.

Video #1: “Excuse me sir, RUN!”

Video #2: Bull Attacks People & Cars

[embedded content]

Video #3:Phone-Wielding Tourist Gets Nailed

Video #4: Bull Rams Pesky Cars

[embedded content]

Video #5: Elk Levels Dude In Estes Park, CO

[embedded content]

Video #6: PSA: Don’t Stop Your Van Right Beside A Bull Elk In Rutting Season

[embedded content]

Video #7: Grandma & Grandpa Learn The Hard Way

[embedded content]

Video #8: Tourists Run For Their Lives

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