James Bond Snowboard on Display in Colorado Snowsports Museum


It was the mid-1980s and snowboarding was taking off. Endorsement of the new sport came from none other than 007 himself as he improvised a snowboard. NEW

The film was ‘A View to a Kill’ with Roger Moore in the role.

It proved another boost for snowboarding as it was exposed to millions of people on the silver screen.

Sit back and enjoy:

[embedded content]

The snowboard itself is now on display in the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail.

Snowboarding was banned at Vail in 1985, though snowboards were allowed on the slopes from 1989 onwards.

The person doing the stunt riding is one of the founding fathers of snowboarding, Tom Sims.

Sims did the majority of the riding but fellow snowboarder, Steve Link, did the big airs and jumps.

John Eaves doubled for Roger Moore in the skiing shots.

The new exhibit is part of the Tom Sims Collection at the Colorado Snowsports Museum.

It’s in the Vail Village parking area and is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

Image c/o PlanetSKI

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