New Survey Shows Lunchtime Is When Most Injuries Occur


The survey comes from New Zealand and shows that 30% of all injuries on the slopes happen around lunchtime. Tiredness and busy slopes are cited as the reason. NEW

The Accident Compensation Corporation, ACC, statistics for the five years to 2019 show injuries on the slopes rise at noon, with 25% – 30% of all accidents happening about that time.

A second peak follows about 2pm, when about 15% of injuries happen.

ACC injury prevention leader, James Whitaker, said taking breaks and noticing when you were tired or fatigued are important.

“Injuries mostly occur in the afternoon so listen to your body, if you’re starting to feel aches or niggles call it a day. These can easily turn into an injury that can end your season,” he said.

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People aged 45 to 49 were most at risk of a skiing injury (686), and those aged 25 to 29 were most likely to get a snowboarding injury (864).

Across the country, 10,820 snow sport claims were made in 2021.

That’s down 13.7% from the 12,539 claims in 2020.

The 2021 figures included 6,540 for skiing and 4,280 for snowboarding.

NZ Ski chief executive, Paul Anderson, said the company had changed its safety communication this year and has introduced four key messages:

  • Stay visible,
  • Slow down,
  • Give way
  • Give space.

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