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This Bunny Hill Has Some Next Level Teaching Devices


Loving all these fun little teaching tools utilized at Sunkid leisure facility in the Austrian Alps. I’m kinda jealous of that V-Pizza Snow Scooter…I wonder if they make it in adult sizes?

The Handski: 

The Sunkid hand ski is a methodical aid for beginners and advanced skiers. With the help of these visuals, the learning of elementary skiing techniques is implemented intuitively and playfully.

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The V Pizza:

The V-Pizza helps children that are more secure on their skis and able to use the snowplough a little. Placed between the children’s skis, it keeps their legs in the snowplough position. Since the V-Pizza also has a steering rod, the young skiing beginners can hold on to it. This will automatically make them bend their knees.

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The V Fly: 

The V-Fly subsequently teaches the children to swerve “in the blink of an eye”. The skiing instructor steers the V-Fly into the desired direction while moving backwards themselves. The pupil will instinctively “bend their knee” on the side to which the skiing instructor pushes the V Fly.

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