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Thief Rams Truck Into Bike Shop, Steals $50k In E-Bikes


The Hanger 15 Bicycles shop in South Jordan, Utah is reporting that a lone thief rammed his truck into the store front to steal five E-Bikes that are worth around $50,000.

The thief was captured by the store’s security cameras. It appears he acted alone, and used his black Ford F-250 or F-350 to ram through the store’s front doors.

Check out the footage from multiple angles below:

The store’s manager told Fox 13 News Utah that all five bikes are Specialized Levo E-bikes. Three of them are black, one is sage green, and one is orange. Their serial numbers are as follows: 888818726929, 888818728046, 888818755493, BS2221213153, 888818728404

Anybody with information is encouraged to reach out to the South Jordan Police Department.

Please help them catch this asshole!

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