‘FAR BETWEEN’ – Finlay Woods and Craig Murray team up with MSP for this 4 minute stunner


Distance can be a challenging factor when filming skiing. The long journeys required to chase storms, find terrain, and secure shots can culminate in an arduous process. That being said, it’s also where most of the fun lies. In ‘Far Between’, Finlay Woods and Craig Murray but this process to the test, as the two bounced around to opposite ends of the globe in search of a fleeting, yet fulfilling feeling of freedom.

With Finlay directing and Craig in front of the lens, the duo produced a beautiful short ski film that roams from NZ to BC. Craig is an incredibly well rounded rider, and is as inspirational as he is entertaining to watch. Finlay’s poetic style of filming matches the skiing, and it would appear that these two are yet another filmer/rider duo with immense future potential.

We can only hope this is far from the last project we see from them. Both will be featured in MSP’s upcoming 2022 film, ‘Anywhere From Here’.

Separated by the mighty Pacific and 6 months, Far Between is a collection of just that, moments few and far between. Getting just one satisfactory clip can be a day’s work.

Travelling into the backcountry, getting lucky with conditions, and striking weather windows right is a fine art. Doing this with one friend in two opposing corners of the globe makes things even harder to line up.

The distance, time or a cracked sternum didn’t detour Finlay Woods and Craig Murray and with clips from both sides of the equator we present: Far Between.

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