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‘Biketown’ – A Beautiful Documentary About Mountain Biking, Partnerships, And Communities


Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in America, and when sports are rapidly expanding, there’s often a fair amount of pushback and a lack of understanding from communities involved. I remember in my home town, not too long ago, there was a push to build mountain biking trails on property that (I believe) was once owned by the United States Military. The push was a mess of miscommunication and just a general misunderstanding of what the trail builders were really trying to do, so, as far as I’m aware, the trails were never actually built.

In a country in which liability is so incredibly important, public mountain biking trails certainly have the ability to stress out town officials and land owners. Biketowna short documentary from Freehub Magazine, discusses the stress surrounding liability and the lack of understanding that comes from mountain biking adjacent communities, but that’s not what the ~40 minute documentary is really about.

“It’s hard for somebody to say ‘well, we’re just building a trail!’ It’s not as simple as building a trail. The process to getting to the decision to build the trail takes us a long time.” Bill Conroy, District Ranger of Hebo Ranger District

This documentary is about the communication, partnerships, and the paths taken to reach the necessary understandings required to actually build a trail, and it’s told beautifully. If you have an extra 40 minutes in your day, I strongly recommend you give this a watch. Even if you’re not a mountain biker yourself, it’s interesting, moving, and inspiring.

“Biketown is a story of mountain bikers, unlikely partnerships and the communities they create.”Freehub Magazine on YouTube

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Image Credit: Freehub Magazine on YouTube

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