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WATCH: Level 1 & Jake Mageau’s ‘Something In The Water’ Teaser


Every summer/fall, tons of different production companies release trailers for their upcoming ski films and edits, and we generally try to share them here on Unofficial. We’ve already covered several this year, but a lot of those films tend to be more freeride orientated. They’re filled with big lines, hikes and helicopter rides to the tops of jagged peaks, and incredible wide shots with epic music. Jake Mageau and Level 1‘s Something In The Water is almost certainly going to be quite a bit more park focused, and though it claims to be just a short film, it looks fantastic.

“As their follow up to last year’s “Freehand”, Jake Mageau and Level 1 proudly present “Something In The Water”, a short film directed by Brady Perron. Coming to the Level 1 YouTube this fall.” – Level 1

Jake is not just an incredible skier. One quick peak at his Instagram will show you quite a lot of fishing related posts, and for one split second of this trailer, we see what is likely someone drilling an ice fishing hole. Does this mean we’ll get a good number of ice fishing clips mixed in? For now, we can only hope.

[embedded content]

Image Credit: Level 1 on YouTube

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