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WATCH: The Longest Disc Golf Ace Ever Recorded


Caleb Hall (@c.hall14) probably woke up this morning as an internet celebrity.

He posted the video below of him acing the 611-foot, Par 4, Hole 14 of the Boulders Course at North Cove Disc Golf Club in North Carolina yesterday, and the clip has gone viral. The clip was even featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter Top 10 plays this morning.

Hall is claiming his shot is the longest disc golf ace ever recorded on video. For those of you that aren’t familiar with disc golf, professional players can typically throw a driver 500+ feet, but throwing it in the basket from over 600 feet is absolutely bonkers.

You have to see this incredible shot for yourself:

“Crazy to say I have made disc golf history! Longest Ace on film! Hole 14 of Boulders @northcovedgc during the North Cove Classic! Par 4 611 ft!Insane to think about and it will be for a while! Thanks to @seth_overbay and @gchristas20 for the sick videos!”

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