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Don’t Open The Door In ‘Condition 1’ Weather In Antarctica


McMurdo Station is the largest research facility on the entire continent of Antarctica. It lies on the bare volcanic rock of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island, and is considered to sheltered to the elements thanks to the rolling hills that surround the facility.

McMurdo Station issues daily weather conditions to alert the people staying there what they will encounter if they step outside. They range in severity from the least severe at Condition 3 to most severe at Condition 1.

Condition 1 can involve wind speeds greater than 65mph, wind chills colder than -100F, or visibility less than 100 feet.

The video below shows what Condition 1 weather can look like. It’s almost like opening the door to a cold, snowy, windy, desolate hell that’s frozen over.

[embedded content]

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