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Skiing Mt. Bachelor In August 2022 (Watch)


Just stumbled across this great little video from Axemanwild on YouTube. He managed to link some turns on the remaining snow patches descending from the summit of Mt. Bachelor, OR.

It ain’t much, and the snow looks sketchy, but as I always say, skiing is skiing and Axemanwild went skiing! I haven’t been able to say that about myself in 5 months, so I’m definitely jealous.

Axemanwild: “Friday August 12th I went out in search of the last remaining snow patches on Mt. Bachelor. I started out the day in trail runners with my skis and boots on my back. After summiting I skied what was left in the hourglass bowl, west wall, and some other unnamed patches. In total linked up 4 pieces of snow, 7.5 miles, 2,900’ of gain in 3hrs 28mins. And I left a ski strap at the summit :(“

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