Water levels on Italy’s Lake Garda in the Alps at 15-year low


Water levels on Italy’s Lake Garda are at 15-year low as the drought continues. It comes as the body of a missing British man has been found under the waters. NEW

A bed of rock has emerged from the waters of Lake Garda after a drought brought its water levels down to a 15-year low.

Italy’s largest lake has been severely affected by hot temperatures and a lack of significant rainfall for months.

Parts of northern Italy are experiencing their worst drought in 70 years.

Tourist officials say many of the areas water tourist activities are still going ahead.

“We are currently at 30cms above the benchmark hydrographic level,” Gianluca Ginepro, head of Garda Unico, which promotes the lake.

It is the lowest since 2007, when levels dropped to 9.9 cm.

The lake is normally between 80cm and 100cm.

“It’s a situation to keep an eye on, even if from the point of view of using the lake – like wind surfing, sailing – there is no problem,” Ginepro told the AFP news agency.

Farmers have been hit hard by a lack of water, particularly in the River Po, which stretches across northern Italy and is suffering its worst drought for 70 years.

We have reported on the drought and its impact on the mountains regions of Italy earlier on PlanetSKI:

Body of Missing Briton Found

The body thought to be a British man who jumped from a boat to save his son has been found in Lake Garda.

Aran Chada, from Leicestershire, was on holiday near Lake Garda with his partner and two children last month.

He had been missing since disappearing under the water on 22 July.

The coastguard said volunteers found his body on Tuesday.

The family had rented a boat when Mr Chada’s son got into trouble in the water.

Mr Chada saved his son but then disappeared near the boat.

The coastguard said volunteers found his body last Tuesday.

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