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Miller High Life & Tipsy Scoop Release Beer Infused Ice Cream Bar


Ahhhhh, Miller High Life, the champaign of beers. What a wonderful drink! With 141 calories per 12 oz. bottle and 4.6% ABV, it’s a beautiful beer to drink when you’re feeling, I don’t know, somewhat fancy? Is it everyone’s favorite beer? No. Is it several people’s favorite beer? Maybe! I’m willing to admit that it’s one of the first few beers I enjoyed at parties when I was, well, let’s just say, younger.

But, now, the joy of Miller High Life will no longer be limited to bottles and cans. Miller and Tipsy Scoop have partnered together to bring the world a cold and boozy treat in the form of the Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Dive Bar. The snack celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar and the glorious vibes of the dive bar by infusing a dark chocolate covered ice cream bar with High Life itself, giving the snack a 5% ABV punch sure to get your parties going. The peanut swirl inside is said to match the taste of the bar snacks we all know and love, while hints of tobacco smoke add that lovely scent. Finally, carbonated candies emulate the feeling of High Life while caramel swirl gives that sticky feeling to remind you of the sticky floors of your favorite bar.

In all seriousness, this sounds delicious. I’m not a massive fan of Miller High Life (it’s too expensive for a cheap beer, and it’s too cheap for a nice beer), but the idea of beer infused dark chocolate ice cream bars with peanut swirl sounds wicked delicious. Would I buy a 6 pack for $36? Probably not (they’re sold out now, anyways), but I would definitely try one if they were sold as single units in a local ice cream shop or bar.

Image Credit: Miller High Life on Instagram

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