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Pro Skier Nearly Falls On ‘Death Chute’ (Watch)


Pro skier Owen Leeper is known for doing some crazy sh*t on skis, and his most recent short video series titled ‘3 chutes You Could Die Skiing’ is actually one of the more tame things he’s released in recent memory. That’s just a testament to how fearless he is, I guess.

Watch below as Leeper wraps up the series and avoids disaster… barely!

Check out Part I and Part II!

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O_leeps | Big Mountain Ski Videos“Skiing three different couloirs in the Jackson Hole backcountry, all three could kill you if you messed up on the way down. Part 3 of 3, a couple tight turns into the couloir with an air out the bottom. I took the first turn a little too fast and almost lost it on one ski. I was able to pull it back just in time to jump over the rock out the bottom. Could have been very bad if I crashed into the rocks going that fast. Have you had a close call like this skiing or snowboarding? Tell me about it in the comments.”

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