Newton’s laws of motion, as demonstrated by the one and only Real Skifi


Real Skifi; they just might be the most creative group of skiers on the planet. The Finnish crew has been goin strong for over a decade now. Since 2010, they’ve been devising ways of creatively progressing freestyle skiing into the beyond. From their iconic 2013 ‘Partly Cloudy’ segment with Level1, to their countless YouTube episodes and mind melting creative projects, Real Skifi has dabbled in some unprecedented territory. Their drive and determination turned a hobby into a business, and their out of the box thinking continues to keep skiing fresh.

Now, the group is extending their expertise into the world of academia. By translating their experience into lessons, Juho gives us a real walk through of what can be achieved on skis when one brings in a few outside tools and utilizes 400 year old knowledge. Newton’s laws of motion are put to the test on the boys water ramp, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Stay tuned for part two coming this fall

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