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WATCH: Angriest Surfer Loses Job After Destroying Burner’s Board


Etiquette is important in every sport. In skiing, the downhill individual has the right of way, you wait your turn to drop into the park (or any run for that matter), you shouldn’t try to cut in the lift line, and you should always stay in control. If someone violates any of those or one of the many other etiquette rules in skiing, you might just be slightly annoyed, give them a dirty look, or call them out for their actions. If you decide to resort to violence and break there skis or something like that, you’re probably going to be in some trouble.

Now, I’m not a surfer. I don’t know the rules of etiquette in the waves, and if I one day decided to really learn how to surf, I would definitely make sure to learn the rules before going to a crowded beach. I do, however, know you’re not supposed to steal someone else’s wave. Again, I don’t know the rules, but I’m pretty damn certain if you happen to get ‘burnt’ by another surfer, you shouldn’t do what this guy does. Call the guy out? Sure. Make him look like a real jerk in front of the rest of the crowd? Sure! Break his board? That takes it too far.

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Did the guy really deserve to lose his job for this? I don’t know. It seems like it wasn’t just that incident that led to him being fired though, as he treated the aftermath of the incident really poorly as well. Also, apparently the guy has a history of losing his temper on the beaches, something any company probably doesn’t want to be associated with.

I think there are two morals to this story: 1) Try not to violate the etiquette of your respective sport or you might get attacked by the angriest person participating in that sport and 2) don’t be the angriest person participating in your sport or you might lose your job. You should be participating in sports because you enjoy them, so, for the sake of yourself and everyone around you, relax and enjoy the darn sport.

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