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Just Guys Being Dudes- Rolling Boulders Into Huge Hole (Video)


Males are an odd group to say the least. Women probably think that we’re hard to figure out, but we’re even dumber than they think, and the video below is all the proof I need to backup that claim.

A group of dudes posted a video of themselves rolling boulders into a huge howl somewhere deep in the woods and it’s picked up over 7 million views since it was posted back in 2009.

You might expect something crazy to happen like one of them falls into the hole, but nope. It’s just a video of a few guys being dudes by rolling boulders into a hole to see how they’ll look and sound as they explode.

[embedded content]

Being a guy is awesome, and so is this video. I would have definitely done the same thing as them.

Ask yourself this- could you resist rolling at least one boulder into the hole if you came across it? I’m guessing the answer is no…

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