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VIDEO: Lamebrained Tourists Told To Back Away From Bison Battle


I’m starting to believe one of the main attractions in Yellowstone is the less than intelligent tourists who appear on my computer screen at least once a day. Cindy Shaffer shared these two clips to Facebook on August 8th. The first video is simply a pretty darn cool clip of two bison dueling in the middle of the road. Onlookers seem to be a safe distance away, and the only thing that looks like it might be in danger is the empty car right next to where the two are fighting.

This second video is where things are a bit more interesting. It does appear that it was filmed before the first video posted by Cindy, but we’re just going with the order presented in the Facebook post.

In my view, the two onlookers appear to be within 10 feet of the duel (I could be wrong here, I’m not that good at estimating distances). While to some that may seem like a lot, those bison could easily move that distance in a flash, leaving the two individuals trampled and possibly seriously injured.

Thankfully, they listened to the rest of the crowd telling them to back up, so no one was injured. But, as Cindy’s title states, this is certainly a solid example of “what not to do in Yellowstone!!!”

Image Credit: Cinder Shaffer on Facebook

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